Two Hundred Thirty Nine

What are good techniques to learn lines for a play? – Quora.

No matter how long I’ve been in this business or if I’ll stay in it, I’m always learning; You never stop learning about something you love to do. The moment you think you’ve learned enough, you’ll learn that you know so little, that there’s a vast amount of knowledge out there unlearned that needs to be absorbed.

So many great answers here, but you have to decide which ones resonate with you.

Two Hundred Thirty Eight

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The show is coming together nicely, even much better than I thought. Let’s hope we get lots of bums in the seats, and when I say bums, I mean hindquarters, derriere, back sides, tushies, butts, not low lives or troglodytes or anything like that.

I haven’t gotten mine yet. What’s wrong with me?

Two Hundred Thirty Six

Goodreads | Lorraine James’s review of The Hollywood Survival Guide For Actors.

The Hollywood Survival Guide For ActorsThe Hollywood Survival Guide For Actors by Kym Jackson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The interesting thing about this book is that, unlike the ones written by many casting directors, this one is the first I’ve read by an actor. The cover is basic, no flash or razzle-dazzle on the surface. The cover has a well worn feel to it, like it’s the perfect reference book, which it is. It’s more modern, with social media, web series, casting office staff & what they do added to it. The ones I’ve read/skimmed from all sorts of places were from decades ago, but for the most current resource, this is like a newbie going to a seasoned pro. In show business, books like these help guide a newbie or even someone who thinks they know it all. I’m reading it cover to cover then dipping into it for what I need. Sometimes talent isn’t enough. It’s also not enough to want to be an actor. Oh yeah, a reference book like this, you don’t stop reading it. You visit it for reassurance, for an update. I also hope that Kym does come out with newer editions.

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I love books like these! I feel like this is the book of the moment for me. I have a couple others from previous years, but currently, I carry this one with me almost everywhere. I even made a duct tape pouch for it to protect it. I might lend it to someone when I’m done, or I’ll just hog it for myself? It would be good for me to share the wealth of knowledge in this book though. We’ll see how I feel about it in the future. ;)