Two Hundred Forty Three

I’m thrilled to have participated with Dramatic Theatre in their Winnipeg Fringe Festival production of Vampire Lesbians of Sodom.
I’m also happy that so many people were pleased with our show; some people came more than once to see it, liking it as much or even more.
As sad as I am that it’s over, I’m worn out and relieved it’s over. Hopefully I’ll do this show again, maybe see someone else fill the role of The Dreaded Succubus.
What would’ve made this entire experience even better is if Charles Busch himself made an appearance in the audience. I imagined taking a selfie with him, but alas, I’ll have to go to him or be in his play in New York to get close to him.
Thank you Justin Danyluk for casting someone like me in this role. Had this been a Mainstage play, I wouldn’t have been considered for any of the roles on this play.
Thank you cast and crew, for your dedication to the rehearsals and your uniqueness to the roles you played.
Thank you to my family for coming out to see me in this show and for your many words of gratitude.
Thank you to my fellow volunteers, for when I wasn’t performing, I was selling beer tickets or picking up garbage, for your company and for your collaboration.
Thank you fellow actors for the wonderful shows you conceived and brought to our lives, making the summer even more entertaining.

Another year, another Fringe, another credit on my resumé.




Another play might be just around the corner. Stay tuned.

Now, for real life to start. Ugh.

Actually, I believe that 2 vampires were enough. ;)

Two Hundred Thirty Nine

What are good techniques to learn lines for a play? – Quora.

No matter how long I’ve been in this business or if I’ll stay in it, I’m always learning; You never stop learning about something you love to do. The moment you think you’ve learned enough, you’ll learn that you know so little, that there’s a vast amount of knowledge out there unlearned that needs to be absorbed.

So many great answers here, but you have to decide which ones resonate with you.

Two Hundred Thirty Eight

Cast Photo

Photo by lovejam02.

The show is coming together nicely, even much better than I thought. Let’s hope we get lots of bums in the seats, and when I say bums, I mean hindquarters, derriere, back sides, tushies, butts, not low lives or troglodytes or anything like that.

I haven’t gotten mine yet. What’s wrong with me?